From journeyman to master smith


From journeyman to master smith

The artistic forge Ahjon Akka, that is, the Ahjo Hag operates in Vähärauma in Pori, Western Finland. Until the 1970s, our building housed the most important blacksmith in the area. From 2008, the forge has been hot again.

I produce a wide range of products, including belts, jewellery, decoration and interior design products and gates as well as railings. I also have a shop, where you can buy finished products. I also offer small-scale courses for everyone interested in becoming a smith.

I have studied in Karjaa, Hedenäset in Sweden and as a journeyman for more experienced smiths in Fiskars and Harjavalta. I produce unique smith’s products for today’s needs, but by respecting old traditions. For further information, please contact me directly!

Vähäraumantie 75, 28600 PORI | puh: 044 363 3874 | iro (at)